How to list an NFT?

Creators need to fill out a form and get approved in order to list an NFT through Nuqtah. The Nuqtah team will be reaching out to you shortly after your submit your form.

After you get approved, please follow this video

How can I cancel all my item listings on Nuqtah?

•Go to your profile
•Go to your unsold asset
•Select the NFT in mind
•Press on the cancel sale button

Why are my NFTs not being sold?

There are a few key points and factors that affect the success of your NFT:

• Community
A big part of the NFT's success is it having its loyal community. That will add value to your NFT. The best way to create a community is through social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, which are a big part of the NFT world.

• Pricing
Your work needs to be close to the market's pricing. If you go over the market's average, there needs to be a reason like utilities and exclusive community privileges.

• Rarity
Buyers look for rarity. If your work is unique in the market and is different from your other work, the more attention your work would get.

• Utilities
Alongside rarity, buyers look for utilities. The value here depends on whether your work has utilities and if the utilities are attractive to the buyers. The more utilities your project has, the more value it would gain.
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