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How can I cash out my crypto to my bank account?

Please follow these steps if you would like to withdraw your money from MetaMask:

For Gulf countries users:
1- Transfer your ETH from MetaMask to Rain exchange
2- Sell your ETH for your preferred fiat currency on Rain (SAR…)
3- Deposit your fiat balance from Rain to your bank account.

For international users:
1- Transfer your funds from MetaMask to a preferred crypto exchange account and use the same process above.
2- Sell your ETH for your preferred fiat currency.
3- Deposit your fiat balance to your bank account.

How can I convert Ethereum to SAR?

To convert your Ethereum to SAR, transfer your ETH balance from MetaMask to Rain platform or other preferred exchanges, sell your ETH for SAR and deposit it into your bank account.
For more information on how to convert your ETH to SAR please visit this link.

How much commission does Nuqtah takes per transaction


If anyone can download the art file, why would I buy the NFT?

Yes, anyone can download and view the image for free (just like the Monalisa painting), but they don't own it, and they can't gain any value from it without the ownership of the NFT. As a collector, you want as many people as possible to download and enjoy the artworks that only you probably own because this is how the artwork gains value.

What blockchain does Nuqtah use?


Official Website:
Token: ETH
Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality launched in 2015.

Can I transfer my NFTs to another wallet?

Yes, you can. To transfer your NFT to another wallet, follow these simple steps:

1- Go to your wallet account (Metamask)
2- Select your desired NFT, and click Send.
3- Enter the receiver's public wallet address (or ENS, where applicable).
4- Click send and pay the transaction fee.

Why are gas fees high? Is there any way to reduce the cost of fees?

Gas fees represent the compensation paid to miners and stakers who help make Ethereum network transactions possible. The busier the Network, the higher Ethereum fees you will pay. There is no way to reduce the fees. However, you can check this website to see the Ethereum gas fees tracker.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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