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How to create claimable tokens?

What are claimable tokens?

Claimable digital tokens are NFTs ( Non-fungible tokens) that you can issue for someone to claim. You can also gift it to them ( Check the gifting article).

These tokens can be whatever you need it to be depending on the use case. Moreover they can be redeemable or non-redeemable ( Check the Redeemable tokens article).

These are some of our recommended use cases , however the only limit is your imagination.

Claimable tokens use cases

How can you create a claimable token?

Nuqtah's dashboard provides a really straightforward way to create claimable tokens, lets take a look:

Navigate to your console dashboard after logging in and select one of the templates or customize your own

Lets say we want to create gift tokens that can be claimed by the first 10 users who log into our website

Claimable Gift

Now that you created the template, you can start issuing the claimable tokens by clicking on generate claim code.

Generate Claim code

After generating the claim code, you can give this to your users and they can claim the token and mint it to their wallets

Claim the token

Alternatively you can send it as a gift which will trigger claiming automatically and the user doesnt have to do anything ( Check the gifting article )

Gift the token so it claims automatically

This will be the users view when they try to claim

User claiming a token

After claiming the token, it will be minted in their name on the blockchain and they can view the token claimed through their external or Nuqtah's wallet.

Side note: claimable tokens can be redeemable or non-redeemable depending on your use-case.

For example if its a digital certificate then it doesnt need to be redeemable but if its a ticket event or a discount then perhaps it should be redeemable. You can configure all of these settings through the console dashboard

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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