How to buy NFTs?

You can buy NFTs with Ethereum after connecting your MetaMask wallet to Nuqtah’s website.

How to Set up a new wallet with MetaMask?

Step 1: Visit the MetaMask official website and download the wallet on your device.
Step 2: Connect MetaMask to your browser through a browser extension. (Note: we recommend using desktop over mobile for an easier process)
Step 3: Click on “create a wallet” if you don’t have one.
Step 4: Now it’s time to create your password and your secret phrase.
Step 5: Add Ethereum to your wallet to start buying and selling NFTs!

How can I buy Ethereum?

You can buy it through MetaMask or other cryptocurrency exchanges, either by depositing from an exchange like Binance or Rain to your MetaMask wallet or purchasing it directly from MetaMask.
You can purchase Ethereum (ETH) from:

1- Crypto exchanges like Rain or Binance.

2- From MetaMask or other crypto exchanges.

How to use Ethereum in Nuqtah’s marketplace?

If you already have a MetaMask wallet, you can connect your wallet by heading to the wallet icon, located on the top-right of Nuqtah’s website. And connect your MetaMask wallet.

(If you don't have a wallet yet, you can select a provider and create one now) We recommend using MetaMask you can download it from here.

To use Ethereum on Nuqtah's marketplace please follow step 1 or step 2 below:

1) Deposit ETH from an Exchange to your wallet.

For most people, it’s best to find the most reputable crypto exchange, like Binance or Rain, which will offer a way to buy crypto with cash/fiat.
Then, you can transfer your ETH from the crypto exchange you used to your MetaMask wallet.
You can use your ETH after connecting your MetaMask Wallet to Nuqtah.

Please see instructions on how to buy ETH using Binance or Rain:
- Binance.
- Rain.

After you buy ETH from a crypto exchange, you can use your wallet address to send crypto from your exchange to your MetaMask Wallet.
- How to send crypto from Binance.
- How to send crypto from Rain.

After completing the previous steps you can connect your MetaMask wallet to Nuqtah's marketplace and use your Ethereum to buy NFTs.

Please note that these are third parties and we cannot make any guarantees about their service.

2) Buy with a card through your MetaMask Wallet:

Depending on your locality, you may be able to buy ETH directly with a credit card on MetaMask.

Buying with a credit card may incur additional fees, depending on which third-party provider you use. You may also not receive the entire crypto amount immediately.

Please see the instructions on how to purchase ETH via MetaMask here.

After completing the previous steps you can connect your MetaMask wallet to Nuqtah's marketplace and use your Ethereum to buy NFTs.

Keep in mind, that all transactions completed on the Ethereum blockchain will require gas fees. You will need enough ETH to complete your transaction on Nuqtah, along with the gas fees associated with the transaction.

What can I do with the NFT I have purchased?

You own all the rights to your NFT. Each NFT can provide different services. You can keep it in your collection of NFTs, gift it to someone, enjoy and use the utilities it offers if it has any, or re-sell it in Nuqtah's marketplace as an investment.
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